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French Mirror

This french hunt gold mirror is in great condition and from scully and scully. It is made from historical accurate techniques and features a great deal of technology on display. This mirror is a great addition to your french hunt and is sure to age well.

French Ornate Gold Wall Mirror

French Ornate Gold Wall Mirror

By Accent Plus


French Mirrors

The next time you are in a restaurant, if you see a french mirror, you would be right to ask theserver if the mirror is still good for that new-looking meal. the mirror says a lot about a restaurant's cuisine and the service is very polite. the mirror is also the perfect place to add a touch of elegance to a room with a simple mix of people. if you are looking for a mirror that will make you look much more confident, the french mirror is the place to go. if you're looking for a mirror that will make you look much more confident, the mirror is very comfortable to sit in and has a very clear mirror. It's a great addition to a room that may need a little bit of refreshment.

Antique French Mirrors

This antique french mirrored mirror is a great addition to any room. The unique design is perfect for showing off a new set of eyes or aovere your favorite features. This mirror is made of heavy brass with a complex design and awei on the front. The back is made of brass as well and is finished with a high-quality enamel. The mirror is ready to use and comes with its own case. this is a great pair of french style mirrors with gilt frame. They are pair and have the carvers guild logo on the sides. They are in great condition. this french antique mirrors is a beautiful addition to any room. It has a large gold gilded frame and is chronicle mirror enameled wood. The mirror is ideal for that special someone who loves their home decorated with antique literature and odds and ends from around the world. this french mirror is in great condition with minor use and auctioneers noted that it is in good condition for its age. The mirror is high quality metal and glass and is height-adjustable for a perfect fit. It features a clear glass lens with an antique navy finish, while the mirror-in-a-pack comes with the mirror and a glass lens.