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Convex Mirror

This car mirror has a 2x blind spot mirror that allows you to focus on the task at hand. The auto 360 degree convex rear view is perfect for angled views. The car mirror also has a built-in sunshade to keep light out and a 8 oz. Water resistant design.

Security Mirror

The security mirror is a great tool for keeping track of who is watching you and how often. You can see who is trying to reach you through your phone's security mechanism, and how often. This information can help you take steps to protect your phone from threat. one way to protect your phone from threat is to put special extensions or managers onto it like android app or ios app. These managers can provide security and inflammable extensions for the user. By putting these managers on your phone, they will not be able to disable or expand on the security features. If someone were to try and use this information to their advantage, they would be able to get into your phone and access your data. If you want to be safe, then put all of your managers on your phone in the following way: -Put the manager into your app as an extension -When someone tries to access your phone, they will be able to access your data and personal information.

Convex Security Mirror

This car mirror has a 2x blind spot mirror that regulates the angle of view to ensure convex security. The mirror has a wide angle rear side view that provides easy access to all area of the car. this hd frameless blind spot mirror is perfect for when you need to check your mirror with your vehicle's headlights on. The mirror has a 2. 5 convex glass mirror that is made to protect your mirroring area and is packed with two conical reflectors. This mirror has a weatherproof construction that will keep your mirroring area protected. this 2-piece blind spot mirrors is for the 360 degree rear view. It comes with two mirror arms that can be placed in any direction. The mirrors also have a wide angle lens that can provide a great view from all around the car. this mirror is perfect for those who want to see the back end of their car in side view. The convex mirror is made to improve side view by focusing the light on the back of the car.