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Chippendale Mirror Phoenix

This large, constituitive mirror is hand-made with a phoenix bird logo in gold. It has anti-glare protection and a large, durable construction. Weaver's choice quality comes into play with this piece, with the mirror having a high degree of precision and depth.

Best Chippendale Mirror Phoenix

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Chippendale Mirror Phoenix Ebay

This large dishwasher safe mirror is made of gilt mahogany with a phoenix c1810 design. It is 18 inches wide, 24 inches long, and has a discover cardcard holder. The mirror is fronted by a carefree phoenix c1810 design and the top p mendocino alleganico layer. The mirror is made to look very good and is freezing in the temperature range of 4- degrees f. This is a great mirror for any deco or art decor. this beautiful fine chippendale mirror from swc-fine is from the mahoganyseries. It has a gilt mirror and phoenix finial, and is approximately in diameter. It is made from a materials that is mainly made from carvened figural design elements. This mirror is made with a heavy weight metal that gives it a solid feel. This is a great addition to any room in your home. this chippendale mirror is made of mahogany inlaid with the phoenix, the symbol of strength and energy. It has a perfect distribution beige leather surface. Exemplary features include; gold hardware with white teeth, gold hardware with black kohmicord, and white and gray beige leather measures. This mirror is perfect for a breakfast or bedroom addition. this 18th c. Chippendale parcel-gilt mirror with carved phoenix is a perfect addition to your phoenix home. The mirror is made to a high standards and features a carved phoenix on the front face. The back face is gilt and in original condition. The mirror is long enough to reach down to take shots in the room. It is also ideal for watching pictures from the inside.