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Art Nouveau Mirror

This beautiful art nouveau mirror is made with a brass beveled mirror brush in a regal make up pouch. It is perfect to add a touch of luxury to your home office or home.

Art Nouveau Greenman Plaque

Art Nouveau Greenman Plaque

By Unicorn Studio


Art Nouveau Mirrors

If you're looking for beautiful, stuart-class mirror art, you're out of luck. These are designed to look like real mirrors, but in fact are made of metal and plastic that have been glued together. It take a little more time and effort to create a good mirror but it's definitely worth the investment.

Art Nouveau Lady Mirror

This art nouveau lady mirror is a unique piece of art. It is made of brass, and is a perfect and stylish addition to your home. The figural design is sure to make your privacy prevail over any room in the house. this art nouveau mirror has lovely victorian-era art nouveau detail. The delicate flowers on the mirror are beautiful enough, but if you're looking for a piece that's both big and tall, this might be the one for you. this interesting mirror has a modern look and feel, with the vintage-y details like the cast iron mirror frame and the bright green and black mirror reflection case. The frame is 11. 5" x 5. 5" and there's a real sense of place when you look at it. It's perfect for your modern-day art office or salon. this beautiful art nouveau mirror is a great addition to your woman's or man's bedroom. It is decorative and has a simple design. It is made of brass and has a white enameled angel in center. The mirror is fallout and is also great for home improvement.