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Antique Wash Stand With Mirror

This antique oak wash stand with detachable mirror is in excellent condition! It has a 686 value! This was made during the 1800's, and is used to hold water to clean the dishes. The stand is about 60" tall and has a 6" lip on the front. It is made of metal, and is weighty and durable. It is covered in natural oils and has a 5 star rating on amazon. This stand is a great deal at $636.

Wash Stand With Mirror

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Victorian Wood Wash Basin Stand With Mirror And Candle

This solid oak bedroom stand and mirror are related. The stand has a urn in the front and mirror on the back. The stand has a candleholders on the front and a mirror on the back. Thebasin is also filled with dirt and grime. It would make a great addition to your home as is, or can be cleaned up with a dirty mirror and wash stand. this vintage wash stand with mirror and stand is a great addition to your bedroom suite. The full length bed dresser with mirror and stand is perfect for storing items such as clothes and makeup. The stand is also perfect for taking a quick break to show off a little snippet of clothing. this magnificent antique wash stand with mirror is made of german miniature tin metal make-up stand model 5 58 tall. Eye-catching features include elegant hinges and screws which make it easy to open and close, and ornate metal frame with embattled wallnaturel. This stunning piece is a perfect candidate for a special place in any room, and is perfect for holding cleaning supplies, tools ornaments. this antique oak wash stand with detachable mirror is in great condition. It is\- gorgeous with its antiqued-like finish and beautiful delusions of art nature. The stand is wide and deep, and can hold up to six laundry items. It has a comfortable top surface area of 20 sq. Inches, and a deep front area of 25 sq. The stand is made of metal, and is guestsirable with its shiny finish and aged beauty.